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Jaya Saunders

I provide a safe place for you to explore your own truth, thereby find your own solutions. Offering you keys/tools to unlock your achievable outcome/potential.
Increase choice, bring unconscious to conscious.

Re-lease, re-learn, re- frame, re- create

Jaya Saunders: What I do

Think of Essential Life Consulting as a tour guide for transformational wellness. This is your ticket to becoming whole. I am an experienced and qualified health care practitioner with a zest for life.

Those niggles, aches and stresses you experience could be the signposts for change. Maybe your body trying is trying to tell you something. Are you ready to listen?

What do your words and thought patterns say about what’s really going on underneath the surface? Is it possible to transform the habits that are limiting you?

Finding the essence or true nature of yourself is the pathway to joy and happiness. To get there we need an integrated balance of body, mind and spirit. Physical and emotional events can lead to one or all of these being out of whack. Pain manifests in different ways. Sometimes we get stuck, holding ourselves back.

But we can find relief. We can heal. And while it might not always be easy, you can create change. Body awareness and emotional intelligence are the means to living your truth, and the tools you need to embrace your essential life.

I will observe your cues, and support you to find the clues.

My tool kit includes a range of hands-on bodywork treatments and mindful, cognitive approaches.

These consultations give people insights and practical ways to go deep enough to get rid of the excess baggage. My professional guidance will connect you to the potential you know is there, but have been unsure how to reach. Essential Life Consulting offers workshops and individual sessions, face-to-face or online via Skype.

Specialties including support for healthcare workers on the frontline caring for others, and myth busting ideas that getting older means aches and pains.

Give me a call to chat about where you’re at and where you’d like to be. Whatever age or stage, it’s time to start living the essential life you deserve.

About Jaya



Your body is your temple

Respect and honour.

Each private session is tailored to deliver the appropriate, targeted hands on therapy. Therefore giving you the relief you need.

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Transforming suffering into freedom.

Clearing out the old, making way for the new, energising thoughts, events, actions and people.

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About Jaya

Professional and Experienced

Jaya offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your core values, your mind and your body.
At Essential Life Consulting we have got you covered, everything from habits to headaches. Together we will explore what holds you back or stands in your way.

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About Jaya Saunders

My Promise to you

I promise to offer you a helping hand to support, motivate, encourage and facilitate positive change, enhance strengths and manage weaknesses. Enabling you to become the best possible version of yourself.

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  • Ich habe mich für eine Behandlung bei Jaya entschieden, um mich in einer Phase mit starker Belastung (Job, soziales Umfeld, neuer Wohnort) unterstützen zu lassen. Alte, schon fast vergessene Burnout-Symptome hatten sich wieder gezeigt. Diese konnte und wollte ich nicht ignorieren, sondern dieses Mal früher etwas unternehmen. Durch die kompetente Behandlung und die offene, zugewandte Persönlichkeit von Jaya konnte ich während dieser herausfordernden Zeit immer wieder Balance und Orientierung finden und mich neu fokussieren. Als sonst sehr verstandesgeleiteter Mensch hat mir Jaya eine Tür geöffnet, zu der ich den Schlüssel lange gesucht habe: Die Integration der körperlichen Ebene in meine Entwicklungsprozesse. Das war genau das Richtige. Ein immenses Dankeschön für Alles!
    Chris Muhlebah Social Work Management ~ Switzerland ~
  • February 2020   I was in treatment with a physiotherapist for a frozen shoulder. While the exercises with the thera-band made sense, the treatments with laser and ultrasound in only one spot did not help much at all. When I went to see Jaya, she intensively worked the whole body from head to toe. The treatment was intense at times but productive. I gained range of motion from session to session so that within three months the pain was gone. I am convinced that Jaya's approach of treating the whole body was key for healing my frozen shoulder. Thank you, Jaya!    
    Peter Huzli IT specialist ~ Switzerland ~
  • Improved mobility to painful and restricted problem areas. Gradual but steady lessening of pain, tension and or tightness in certain areas of my body. Overall my body has become significantly more relaxed , balanced and in harmony. I feel a deeper understanding of my wellbeing and self has become evident since undertaking these treatments, which are immeasurably helpful and motivating. Establishing trust and respect with jaya leaves me with a sense of optimism, enthusiasm and confidence in overcoming longstanding and challenging health issues. Giving me the space to reflect during cranio sacral treatments stimulates a deep clarity of my inner life and brings me in touch with feelings of oneness with all life, this brings much inner harmony. Jayas approach honours ‘spirit’ and the universal consciousness of all life yet it is grounded and practical and nurturing.
    Noel Taggart
  • Im overall happier and more self accepting my dreams are getting better. Focus is improving, im more able to face and finish tasks that daunt me. Physically I can feel myself on the ground and in my legs, I have less headaches .I feel supported, I am coming out of my shell a bit and doing things I thought id like to do. I think craniosacral therapy is trustworthy in that I can feel it and am encouraged by jaya to acknowledge my feelings. Its simply removing my pain and blockages. Its physical, its sure and the results are immediate. I trust you. My body likes you. You are sensitive and tender and strong and keep a good balance between intimacy and distance. \
    Kerry, Daylesford, Victoria
  • Your treatments have helped things to unlock and flow. After seeing you, I always feel lighter and freer in my body a deep sense of calm and optimism also seem to happen. I feel comforted and inspired. You have the best hands! I feel that you really care about helping people achieve better health. I trust and respect you. Importantly, I feel safe with you. Your vast experience makes you very capable. I never feel judged by you. I consider you as a friend as well as a therapist I feel I can be myself with you .i like that you are warm, friendly and straight forward and I think that your gentle encouragement and sensible advice are given with genuine concern.
    Fi Tunnicliff, Glenlyon , Victoria
  • A very relaxing experience. Resolution of neck problem in following week. Personal warm approach. Time taken to communicate. Attention to detail. A holistic approach. Jaya is an authentic professional. Experienced and very competent at what she does
    Di Oram, Daylesford
  • I have known Jaya as a friend and massage practitioner for fifteen years and it was because of my respect for her that, although unfamiliar with craniosacral therapy, I was willing to ‘give it a go’. On my third visit I began to feel the benefits on a deep level and to understand cranio sacral therapy as a supported meditation where I was participating in my own healing process. During this process I have always felt safe and love by jaya. The effects have been profound
    Lizzie Gamble- writer/illustrator of children’s stories
  • The quality of the touch, the sensitivity and concentration behind it seem to touch deep layers of mind and body. Feelings that may have been deeply locked in and inaccessible are contacted. The feeling of being supported and safe allow those locked in feelings to move and begin to flow again. It was a real awakening process for me
    Judith, Daylesford, Victoria
  • I have known Jaya for over 30 years, and have been experiencing her wonderful and therapeutic massages over that time . I feel that I have been ‘ironed out’, so to speak, with all my aches and pains disappearing. Jaya’s deep massage work leaves me feeling relaxed and pain free. She is always professional and respectful whenever I have seen her, and I am always amazed that jaya has continued to be involved in expanding her professional development by learning new therapeutic techniques and skills in order to be able to help her clients . I have always been extremely happy to see her over the years and she has helped me enormously. I would not hesitate in recommending jaya to anyone needing an excellent massage!”
    Marina Pribaz- Sculptor/ceramicist Daylesford, Victoria
  • “Hello jaya!, I have known you for four years. You have been a wonderful remedial/cranio/Bowen therapist who has allowed me to continue to manage life day to day. You have also become a special friend and your knowledge, wisdom and kindness I value. As a professional you uphold yourself impeccably and provide an exceptional service to your clients. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have you in my life
    Fran Parsons- Site manager, Royal Talbot Hospital, Melbourne

What answers are within yourself that you know to be true, but are unwilling to face?

Do you want to believe that you can realise your dreams and goals?

Do you aspire to be the best possible version of YOU?

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